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The Rum Diary

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Giovanni Ribisi
Giovanni Ribisi (2)
Giovanni Ribisi (3)
Giovanni Ribisi (4)
t really is one of his best films, Giovanni Ribisi. I didn't even recognize him at first. If you've seen films like The Dog Problem, The Boiler Room or The Perfect Stranger you wouldn't believe this is him. Johnny Depp recommended him for the role to the director. He said having worked with him previously on Public Enemies he knew Ribisi could take the role just far enough into crazy without going overboard. He said, "He was great, god, he was great." The director Bruce Robinson said that Giovanni Ribisi was "such a fucking great actor that guy." It's not as if I know him in real life, but I'm happy for him, that he is noticed by great people like Depp and Robinson for his true talents, without being criticized about his religion. 
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